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Secondary Market Annuities

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What Are Secondary Market Annuities?

The term ‘Secondary Market Annuities’ refers to structured settlements, immediate annuities, and lottery payments. Annuity Straight Talk is a nationwide leader in Secondary Market Annuities.  In addition, we own and operate the leading advisor’s wholesale resource for Secondary Market Annuities, DCF Exchange.  We make these cash flows available through a legislated transaction process that is uniform in nearly every state.

The term ‘Secondary Market Annuities’ is easier to say than ‘Factored Structured Settlement’ or ‘Previously Owned Annuity’ or even ‘In Force Annuity’ and thus most people is “Secondary Market Annuities’ as the industry standard when discussing the market.

It’s important to clarify up front, however, that the Secondary Market Annuities we sell are not viatical transactions. That is, they are not life insurance transactions such as re-sold variable annuities with death benefits tied to another party’s life.

Rather, the most common SMA is much like a period certain multi-year guaranteed fixed annuity. But unlike newly issued annuities with yields in the 2- 3% range, these secondary contracts come with effective rates of 4%, 5%, or even more, and come from top rated carriers.

Quite simply, Secondary Market Annuities offer a higher yield, at a lower price.

Secondary Market Annuities

Secondary Market Annuities

Types of Available Secondary Market Annuities For Sale

Secondary Market Annuities offer a variety of payment streams.

  • Immediate Income:
    • Regular monthly payments, starting now
  • Deferred Income:
    • Monthly payments starting later
  • Lump sums:
    • Provide excellent safe appreciation and future options

Uses of Secondary Market Annuity Inventory

Secondary Market Annuities appeal to a wide range and age of investors.

  • Young, risk averse
    • Lump Sum and Deferred Income
  • Pre-Retiree
    • Deferred Income And Lump Sums
  • Retiree
    • Immediate and Deferred, Period Certain Income
  • Institutions, Pensions, Managed Money
    • Period certain, guaranteed yield

It’s important to note that Secondary Market Annuities can be purchase by anyone, regardless of age. There are no age based restrictions on withdrawal, unlike other types of annuities.

Secondary Market Annuities and the Credit Markets

The re-sale of existing Structured Settlement Annuities for cash today to create Secondary Market Annuities has been an ongoing business for decades. But in the credit crisis of 2008, even healthy businesses had their lines of credit shut off as banks went into turmoil.

Many companies had to look to private individuals for the capital to purchase the future payment streams their customers sought to sell. They turned to financial advisers.

This opened a window of opportunity for individuals to purchase these future payments through advisers like Annuity Straight Talk, at yields that far exceed comparable safe money alternatives.

Today, JG Wentworth is the market leader, issuing over $600M per year of asset backed notes (Bonds) backed by Structured Settlement payments. Moody’s, Dunn and Bradstreet, and other credit rating agencies all understand the market and give these securities AAA ratings, and they carry yields 1 to 2% LOWER than our individually offered payment rights. The costs of gathering and underwriting the security, and the institutional demand for the asset, drives the yield low.

The Secondary Market Annuity as a consumer option is a positive byproduct of the credit crunch. It is not a market that is too good to be true, but it may be a market that is too good to last as capital returns to the market place and more institutions re-discover the assets.

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The list is the best secondary market annuities available today- these offerings move quickly and there is a lot of information on the page below.  It’s imperative that you call for information on how to purchase, the Secondary Market Annuity  purchase process, and the timeline.

Please check back periodically as this page is updated to reflect the rapidly changing secondary market annuity inventory.  If there is something specific you are looking for don’t hesitate to call or email.  There are always additional available contracts in addition to what is shown above.

Your individual specifications will ultimately determine the level of appeal for any given offer.  If you are interested in something you see here contact us immediately for more details or to reserve the contract

What follows are all now SOLD contracts but give an indication of what is available and how it may be used.

Additional Scenarios and Closed Cases: Immediate Income

Jump start retirement with yields that more than double currently available rates for immediate income products.

  • Met Life :  Income beginning in June of 2012 at $781 monthly and adjusted for inflation at 3% annually. Payments continue until May 2035 where the final installment equals $1497.  Then income jumps to $2372 monthly adjusted for inflation at 3% annually and continues for five more years until the final monthly payment of $2670 in may of 2040.  This creates an excellent source of inflation adjusted retirement income that returns an aggregate cash flow of $455,463.  SOLD
  • Allstate Life:  Income beginning in June of 2012 at $299 monthly and are adjusted for inflation at 3% annually. Payments continue until May 2035 where the final installment equals $574.  Then income jumps to $2372 monthly adjusted for inflation at 3% annually and continues for three years and nine months until the final monthly payment of $2592 in February 2039.  This creates an excellent source of inflation adjusted retirement income that returns an aggregate cash flow of $228,021. SOLD
  • Symetra Life:  Income beginning in September 2013 at $586 monthly that adjusts by 3% annually for inflation.  Payments continue for nine years and four months with the final payment growing to $765.  Aggregate cash flow over eleven years equals $74,575.SOLD

Deferred Income Secondary Market Annuities

These will produce greater future income than any guaranteed product available in the primary market.

  • TransAmerica : Deferred income payments beginning in February 2016 that continue for 14 years until January 2030.  Monthly payments start at $3215 and adjust 3% annually for inflation until the final installment of $4721.  This produces an aggregate cash flow of over $659,000.  Nothing in the primary market will come even close.  *Additional details apply so please call for more information* SOLD
  • Symetra:  Future monthly income beginning in Sept. 2019 at $500 per month and continuing for 260 months until April of 2041.  This is an extremely efficient way to fund a future retirement income supplement. SOLD
  • Genworth:  One lump sum payment of $80,000 in January 2019.  Two years later, monthly income payments begin at $2000 for 37 months with an additional $150,000 lump sum payment in January 2024.  After that, monthly payments increase to $2500 and continue for six years and eleven months.  Aggregate income equals $511,500 over 19 years.  This offers a solid level of recurring income with two big lump sum payments that offer lots of liquidity to enable future planning opportunities along the way. SOLD
  • American General:  Future monthly income payments of $1330 beginning in October 2028 and continuing for twelve years and four months.  Aggregate cash flow comes to more than $196,000. SOLD

Deferred Growth Single Lump Sum

These offer great options to combat longevity risk or give a major boost to income when you need it most.

  • MetLife:  An initial investment of pays back one future lump sum of $400,000 in 26 years.  Set aside assets now to ensure a big chunk of cash will be available down the road. SOLD
  • John Hancock:  One future lump sum of $250,000 in 16 years.  This would provide an excellent level of cash reserves in retirement with both a great return on your money and the return of your money. SOLD

Deferred Growth Multiple Lump Sums

Same deal here- secure guaranteed lumps sums in the future to counter inflation or longevity risk.

  • MetLife:  Investment pays two future lump sums, the first for $50,000 in eight years and the second eight years later for $125,000.  Total aggregate cash flow equals $175,000. SOLD
  • PrudentialThree future lump sums.  $60,000 in 2024, $30,000 in 2027 and $15,000 in 2030.  Aggregate return equals $105,000 SOLD
  • MetLife: Five future lumps sum payments.  $8000 in 2014, $12,500 in 2019, $27,500 in 2024, $45,000 in 2029 and a final payment of $65,500 in 2034 for an aggregate cash flow of $158,500. SOLD

These represent just a small sample of available secondary market annuity contracts and are meant to show the variety you might find.  Over time, products will come available that are likely to meet your situation or objectives perfectly.

If you are interested in any of these offers don’t hesitate to call as these secondary market annuity contracts are available on a first come first served basis.

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