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Market Correction Coming?

Well it’s been quite some time since I reached out to the AST community with a blog post but recent market events warrant me dusting off the keyboard to make sure everyone is at least paying attention. Over the last month, the S&P 500 has dropped a shade more than 3%. It’s something that happens […]

Get Realistic About Retirement Income Needs

Setting reasonable retirement income goals is the first order of business we address with potential clients.  As it turns out, most pre-retirees have unrealistic income assumptions based on their assets, according to a recent survey of advisors.  Plus, while asset distribution is a critical issue with consumers and advisors, there is hardly any consensus as […]

Buying Trouble With Secondary Pensions

Frequent readers of Annuity Straight Talk updates will know that we are big fans of the secondary market for annuities. Well there’s another secondary market with high yields and assumed levels of safety but things aren’t always as they appear. I’m talking about secondary pensions, which come with a whole different set of rules and […]

Stock Picking Robots

This week, from SmartMoney, I’m going to feature a story about a supposed scam about two brothers from England who developed a magical strategy for picking stocks and selling advice. The SEC charges that this scam involved the brothers selling newsletter subscriptions to unwitting investors who believed in the ability of a mythical robot to […]

The 4% Retirement Income Solution

What is your plan for retirement income? Traditional asset management with a 4% annual distribution is a popular idea with professional advisors and consumers alike. New research from the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Institute suggests this approach to be far too simple. An article published last week in Smart Money covers many of the potential […]

How to Control Health Care Costs

Health care costs are without a doubt one of the greatest unknown factors we typically deal with when helping people decide exactly how much income is needed in retirement. Sure, Medicare will cover many of the costs for retirees past age 65, but what if you’d like to retire before then? And even if Medicare […]

How Safe is the Secondary Market for Annuities?

The question of safety of the Secondary Market is one  we receive frequently, especially after sending out a list of currently available offers that pique reader interest. Quite simply, we like  structured settlement secondary annuities  because  they offer the highest yield and highest level of safety available to consumers for retirement income purposes.  They are […]

Low Rates Expected Until 2014

Arguably the most damaging effect of low interest rates is the impact it has on people approaching retirement and looking for more safety. Traditional safe havens such as CDs pay very little interest in relation to the time commitment required. And I’ll admit that selling annuities in this climate is challenging to say the least. […]

Why I’m Bullish On America!

In recent years, people let fear dictate their financial management decisions. Much of the news today is filled with stories of crisis after crisis. Any rational person should hesitate when making a financial decision that holds significant implications over the next several years or even decades.   But this week I’d like to take a break from […]

Great Short-Term SMAs Available Now!

From what I’ve heard, the information shared over the last few weeks regarding the secondary annuity market has helped several people gain a greater understanding of this product class. Stepping into a little-known niche of the financial markets is a major transition for anyone. Understanding all that goes into a serious financial commitment is essential to making […]

Is Someone Telling You to Surrender Your Annuity… and Buy a Different One?

This article made me realize I need to make consumers aware of a potential financial hazard. Last week a press release came out describing how two Registered Investment Advisors in Illinois were penalized for recommending the replacement of existing annuity contracts. The transactions made these advisors a substantial amount of commission and were later found to be […]