Annuity Straight Talk is pleased to showcase the finest annuity calculator available online.  We have several specific annuity calculators that will help you understand how to save and how an annuity can supply retirement income. Think of this as a private pension calculator- but a pension you control and that you can depend on!

Click to visit any of the following:

Fixed Annuity Calculator

Variable Annuity Calculator

Immediate Annuity Calculator

Fixed Index Annuity Calculator


Beware that annuity rates change all the time.  Please call us and we can supply accurate, current market quotes for the right annuity for your retirement income needs.  These calculators are good illustrations, but of course, the actual performance and guarantees will be governed by your annuity contract. 


Not Just Annuities: Calculators For Retirement Income Too!

In addition to the annuity calculators above, we also have a retirement income calculator and a retirement planning calculator.

The retirement income calculator and retirement planning calculator can be used during the accumulation phase, leading up to retirement.  You can also use as a military retirement calculator to understand your benefits and income after your years of service.

Click to visit the:

Retirement Income Calculator

Retirement Planning Calculator

We hope you find this collection of annuity calculators useful for your planning and saving needs. 

Be sure to contact us to make an appointment today for the best annuity advice available anywhere.  We utilize these calculators, and our internal annuity calculator, to arrive at the best combination of products for your unique retirement income needs.