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How Do Fixed-Indexed Annuities Secure Your Retirement?

Let’s take a look at how their performance compares in different market conditions...




Market goes Up
An equity investment grows when markets rise.
An FIA grows when markets rise.
Market goes Down
An equity investment loses money when markets fall
An FIA is protected from loss and breaks even.
Market goes Up then Down or
Down then Up
An equity investment will break even.
An FIA may lock in interest during the rise and be protected from loss during the fall.
Market goes Volatile
An equity investment can fluctuate during volatile market conditions
An FIA may lock in interest during volatility and at the same time be protected from loss.
Equity based investments are high risk, highly volatile, and offer no guarantees
FIAs form a bulletproof core to a retirement plan - great results no matter what the market does
Market Condition
Up then Down or
Down then Up

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What Does America’s #1 Coach, A Leading Financial Commentator, And the Wharton Financial Center All Have To Say About Fixed-Indexed Annuities?

“In today's economic environment, where returns for "safe capital" are minuscule, Fixed Indexed Annuities can be a great alternative to other "safer money" financial instruments.”

Tony Robbins Author & Coach

“If you don't want to take risk but still want to play the stock market, a good index annuity might be right for you.”

Suze Orman "The Road to Wealth"

“Indexed annuities outperform the S&P 500 67% of the time and a 50/50 mix 79% of the time over any 5-year period.”

Wharton Financial Institution Univ. of Pennsylvania
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